Knowledge Engine

Registration has closed and our webinar has ended

Join us on Aug 19th as we bring together a panel of passionate technologists to discuss Intuit’s Knowledge Engine (KE). We’ll talk about how this technology invites cross- functional collaboration - from the AI/ML technologist who builds the tools and infrastructure, to the non-coding teams empowered to contribute and ultimately how KE powers products and features to delight the end user. Next we’ll discuss how KE is an example of a no-code technology and the benefits of this movement. We’ll wrap-up with Q&A so be sure to submit your questions.

Intuit Tech Stories is an online event series that invites attendees to experience Intuit’s cutting-edge technologies and show how they are used to power prosperity around the world. Intuit’s skilled technology leaders will take participants in-depth in topics that will help you learn, grow, and hone your craft.