The Rotational Product Management Program

Intuit employees

RPM Class of '22, '21, and '20

The two-year Intuit Rotational Product Management program launches your career in Product Management. Each year, the RPM program hires top new college graduate talent across a variety of backgrounds. The aim of the program is to help propel your career in Product Management through high-growth rotations, on-going trainings, and hands-on mentoring across the Intuit community.

You will undergo three rotations, all of which are personalized to ensure you contribute to real, high-impact projects and begin your ascent as a Product Manager at Intuit.

Applications for the New Grad 2024 RPM program and RPM internship are now OPEN!

Benefits of the Rotational Product Management Program

  • In-depth training at the start of the program
  • Ongoing training and community events throughout program
  • High impact rotation projects
  • Rotation selection driven by the needs of the individual RPM
  • Dedicated mentorship and support
  • Regular visibility to leadership
  • Diverse rotation opportunities that help you build a broad set of PM skills and make connections across the organization
  • Mobility and growth opportunities across a variety of Intuit teams
  • Program structure to ensure support regardless of organizational changes

Current Members

Jasmine Jackson

Jasmine Jackson

Quickbooks Money

Favorite thing about the RPM program:

My favorite part about the rotational program is that we are able to explore many interests both outside and inside of PM, as well as our incredible support system of current and past RPM’s throughout the company!

Favorite thing about Intuit:

One thing I love about working at Intuit is that our company is so dedicated to supporting the small businesses that we serve in our products. There is always a small business spotlight on campus, whether it's highlighting local restaurants at our cafeteria or handing out crafts made by small shops! I enjoy trying each place at work and have even gone back to some of the businesses on my own!

Rachita Ramesh

Rachita Ramesh

Security, Risk and Fraud AI

Favorite thing about the RPM program:

The community! Beyond that the flexibility to rotate to different teams and take up new roles helps gain a breadth of knowledge which will help create outsized impact for our customers.

Favorite thing about Intuit:

An equal emphasis on benefit-first and technology-first approach. With the added advantage of working with competent and kind people.

Rachita Ramesh

Chima Okechukwu

Quickbooks Live

Favorite thing about the RPM program:

My favorite part of being an RPM is the community. I've had a lot of support from Lana, my RPM buddy (shoutout to Marissa), and my RPM peers, particularly Rachita and Rene who onboarded with me. It was my first real working experience and my first professional experience as a PM, and I couldn't have made it through without all the support and help. Seriously thanks!

Favorite thing about Intuit:

My favorite thing about Intuit is the people. All projects and work are different but everything is focused on solving for the customers.

Rene Huang

Rene Huang

Quickbooks Platform & Design

Favorite thing about the RPM program:

I love how supportive the RPM community is. Also the opportunity to work on various products across regions to gain a deeper understanding of challenges our customers are facing.

Favorite thing about Intuit:

My favorite aspect of Intuit is its customer-centric approach. Each day, we strive to provide value to our customers, and it's an incredible experience to collaborate with teams that share the same mission.

Jon Fasoli

RPMs come with a higher resistance to conformation. That allows them to do two things: 1) not just think incrementally about problems; and 2) they challenge each other, build trust, and come together to challenge some of the systemic constraints.

Jon Fasoli
Chief Product, Data, and Design Officer, Mailchimp

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When do applications open?

Applications for the 2024 RPM program and RPM internship are closed. Applications for the 2025 RPM program and internship will open in September 2024.

What kind of candidate is the RPM program looking for?

  • Demonstrated interest in designing or building tech products.
  • Innovative thinker with a passion for problem solving and the ability to provide a logical framework to support conclusions and ideas
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, teamwork, and collaboration capabilities. Ability to lead and influence a cross-functional team while building strong relationships.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to communicate impact and rally teams behind a common goal.
  • Entrepreneurial drive and the drive to take on stretch goals in a fast paced and innovative environment.

How long is the RPM program?

The RPM program is a 2 year program consisting of one year-long rotation followed by two six-month rotations. Each rotation is carefully vetted for business priority and committed manager. The rotations are matched to the RPMs based on growth and development needs.

What mentorship opportunities will RPMs receive as part of the program?

The RPM program provides multiple opportunities for mentorship. Each incoming RPM is paired with a buddy from the cohort a year ahead. They also get coaching from their rotation manager, another PM peer on the rotation team, the RPM Program Manager, and senior mentors across the organization (matched based on interest or development needs).

What learning opportunities will RPMs receive as part of the program?

The RPM program starts off with an intensive two-week training on being a Product Manager at Intuit. PM leaders from across the company will lead sessions around building requirements, measuring success, utilizing machine learning as a PM, experimentation, and go to market strategy just to name a few. The program offers ongoing training open to all members of the RPM community throughout the duration of the RPM program. Finally, each RPM rotation is staffed with a manager who is dedicated to cultivating early-career PM talent and wants to see you succeed.

What happens after the RPM program is complete?

After the program, each RPM has a wide range of experiences to pull from in order to identify what they value in a product team. Once the program is complete, the RPM Program Manager will work with each RPM to identify what team best meets the needs of the RPM. However, most RPMs end up loving their final rotations so much, they will often stay on that team!

What makes Intuit’s RPM program different from others?

Personalized approach to each rotation. Rotations are matched, selected or designed by RPMs based on skills to develop, product areas of interest, new experiences & teams.

Established and supported program. With over 15 years of running the rotational program, we have mastered rotation structure, training, and community building. Internally this program is well known and well loved by the community. Consistently we have more demand for RPMs than we can staff, 100% of Rotation Managers endorse their RPMs, 100% of RPMs stay at Intuit at the end of the program, and our alumni are now leaders at Intuit and beyond.

Focus on building a close-knit community. It all starts with hiring top talent that cares about Intuit’s mission, its products, its customers, and each other! RPM cohort size is small to create a close community, everyone starts on the same date once a year, and the first few weeks are dedicated to building that community through training and socials. Intuit RPM sponsors ongoing events, training, and growth opportunities across the company and geographies.

How should I prepare for the Intuit RPM interviews?

Once you start the interview process, the recruiter will provide you with resources on how to be successful throughout the interview process. If you’re looking to get a headstart, some of the current RPMs found Cracking the PM Interview to be helpful during the process.

I’m an MBA student; am I eligible to apply for the RPM program?

MBA students are not eligible to apply to the RPM program. RPM is intended to be a growth accelerator for someone just starting out their career. Interested MBA students should apply to our MBA Intern position.

What do PMs do at Intuit?

PMs at Intuit are responsible for combining product expertise with technical depth, creativity, and grit to ship delightful experiences to customers. Every PM’s role is different depending on the product(s) they’re working on, but it frequently involves a heavy measure of collaboration: speaking directly with customers to understand their needs, huddling with designers to create a solution that meets those needs, working with engineers to build that solution, sitting down with data scientists to analyze the results, conferring with marketing & customer success representatives to manage the product’s roll-out in the real world, and then sharing it all with company leadership. Building product roadmaps in partnership with PMs across the organization and designing rapid experiments to test hypotheses are two other key parts of most Intuit PMs’ day‑to‑day roles.

Which parts of Intuit could I work on?

Intuit is an AI-driven expert platform that powers prosperity around the world with consumer- and small-business focused fintech products: QuickBooks, TurboTax, Mailchimp, Mint, and Credit Karma. RPMs have worked in all of these areas and more, though traditionally most RPMs complete at least one rotation on QuickBooks. If you’re interested in working in a particular area, the RPM program can help to make that happen if an opportunity exists.

Where is the RPM program based? Can it be remote?

Intuit is a global company with headquarters in Mountain View, California, and offices around the world. Most Intuit PMs live within commuting distance of an Intuit office and come in on a hybrid basis, however works best for them and their teams. To build the community that’s core to RPM, it’s expected that RPMs move to the San Francisco Bay Area prior to starting the program. After in person training in Mountain View, you can work in a hybrid environment depending on your team’s preference. Some teams may be in San Diego, Boise, or Atlanta — but due to the rotational nature of the program we’d like you to start in the Bay Area and then work with your team on what works best for you.